Bruce was born in Memphis, Tennessee and raised in the delta during the 1960’s. He started playing guitar at age 14 like most Memphis teens and got into multiple garage bands. The Memphis music scene in the sixties had a mixture of Ottis Redding, Elvis, BB King, Sam and Dave all mixed in with the British invasion and incredible American rock and roll. The Memphis sound continued to influence rock and roll, country, blues and soul music. Memphis produced bands like the Gentrys, Big Star, the Amazing Rhythm Aces, The Box Tops and so many more that grew their roots in the Memphis delta. Bruce claims he was influenced by the Memphis sound as well as the Beatles, Stones, The Who, Clapton, Neil Young, Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, George Jones, Merle Haggard, Gram Parsons. Paul Simon, and Harry Nilsson. He is a Christian by faith. Bruce’s songwriting takes the path of love, politics, wounded hearts, and praise to Jesus. Bruce has played in traveling bands, honky tonks and dives that would rival the Blues Brothers. Eat your heart out Jake and Elwood. Through all this, he has learned that the sound of music is one of the senses that binds us heathens and Christians together as a society and is a common thread that we all can relate. Music is a gift from God our creator and we are meant to share that gift to those that choose to listen. You may notice Bruce’s influences come through on these original songs and have a Traveling WIlburys Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Dylan kind of feel. Bruce may not always be on pitch, on time, or politically correct, but his music is real. We can not all be perfect and those that think they are have just missed the mark. Music is an art and has many textures, dimensions and scenes. Sometimes it comes in a beautiful box with a bow and other times in comes in a sack found in the trash, Music is a gift that we have all been saturated with since birth. Think of Elvis vs Bob Dylan or Neil Young vs George Jones. It is a gift from God. Music is meant for sharing, and giving back. So, here is to sharing, giving and listening.